There is my RB progress on this page:

--- 1 -------------------------------

I had installed RockBox on my H320 about 3 hours ago. (23.11.2005 17:00 MSC (GMT +3))
And I've upgrade it with latest "bleeding edge" build about 5 minutes ago.
And now I just can say: "It's working!"

Firmware: 1.28 K pached with fwpacher.exe + latest "bleeding edge" build of RB. EU version of player (I had bought it here in Russia), H320.

Some bugs was seen during using but all looks very good for the first try.

!!! My iRiver IMP-550 remote works with RB on my iRiver H320 !!!
LCD is good working but not all the buttons...

--- 2 -------------------------------

Have a bootloader v2 installed already...

--- 3 -------------------------------

My first WPS + RWPS in my WPS gallery!

--- 4 -------------------------------

Moves: firmware from 1.28K to 1.29K and bootloader from v2 to v3!
All works very fine!

--- 5 -------------------------------

Still: firmware 1.29K and bootloader v3.
But some files in .rockbox folder are modified by mine and not mine patches....
Have some other (then default) colors: background = black; textcolor = blue
Have some colored pictures on the new WPS. (Works with MegaVolts patch)

My first plugin

All works very fine!

--- 6 -------------------------------

The second one! (plugin I mean)


Go to for more info!